Farming is Fun


            What children are exposed to, can put an imprint on their thinking. Parents and teachers can teach and guide children. When a child is ready to learn, the teacher will be heard. It is up to the child to make the final decision. Children learn from what they see and hear, as to right and wrong, fear, anger, rules and the use of resources. Unexpected obstacles may tend to re-direct a child. Look at technology sm1homepage1it can be a great learning tool. Some children, even adults are attracted to technology that does not benefit their goals.

            With discipline and determination, a person can reach their goals. A child needs to understand reality in life, as they become an adult, they also gain responsibilities, and instant gratification can get a person in trouble. As an adult, they have to realize survival is hard work. A person creates their own journey in the choices they make, being a doer or a watcher.

            Looking back at different stages of my life exposed me to some emotionally disturbing occurrences. When I was young, my family experience three-house fires, within twelve years. Two in which we lost everything, but each other. I learned at that point of my life, material items are replaceable, family members are not. That was the point of my life that I realized the importance of needs and wants. Those experiences gave me a better understanding to values, purpose and passion. My parents had shown me that if you are knocked down, to get back up, dust yourself off, and move on to a better lifestyle.

            My main goal for writing children's book(s) is to expose children to the importance of a farmer. Children are future farmers, and farming offers gratifying work and learning experiences. In order to put food on a table, we need farmers. Food does not just show up at the doorstep, and if it does, someone paid for it by labor or by love. Food has some sort of labor involved from someone. Whatever type of labor you plan for your future; growing/raising your own food or earning money to purchase food depends on the lifestyle you want to achieve.