smhomepage2"Learning about nature and farming develops a child's curiosity and appreciation for the world around him. 

Does Money Grow on Trees? is a wonderful way to help all children engage in the outdoors."

Meg Meeker, M.D., best-selling author of 12 Principles of

Raising Great Kids at thestrongparentproject.com



Jane Sheffer has written a treasure of a children's book, illuminating the importance which farmers play in our daily lives. It reveals the necessity of their work as producers of the food which sustains us on a daily basis. There are subtle teachings and important messages passed along to readers, both adult and child.   This is a valuable teaching tool for all of us. Though the  contemporary phrase is "farm to table", it is the daily toil of the farmer which makes all good food appearing at our tables possible. If you eat food, and you do, read this book...it will open the eyes you had as a child, and might just well restore a balance to our lives which we so desperately need.

Michael Delp is co-editor of the "Made in Michigan" book series from Wayne State University Press. His most recent book is “Lying in the River's Dark Bed”, from WSU Press. 


Does Money Grow on Trees?

My first reaction was, "This is different! I wonder where this is going?" Early on, I was pulled in. I was impressed quickly that it was refreshingly unique!

When I finished, I smiled, thinking about how Marcy was into her lifestyle and surroundings. She was naturally comfortable with Greg too and instantly made him feel at ease.

Kids reading this would appreciate some farm concepts, food values, earning money while welcoming a foster child in need.

Great job, Jane!

Norm Schichtel, English teacher (retired)

Behind the Barn Door

Farming is Fun:  Behind the Barn Door is a must read for all children!  As a veterinarian,  I speak with children every day about animals and the importance of our responsibilities while providing them care.  Whether children live in the city or country, very few of them realize what it takes to nurture animals with basic needs such as food, water, and shelter, and even fewer understand what farm animals provide for us. Chocolate milk does not come from chocolate cows, and hot dogs and chicken nuggets do not magically appear in the grocery store.  Behind the Barn Door answers questions for young readers by taking them on an adventure through farming and makes learning fun. Thank you, Jane Sheffer, for writing an educational book that gives children the gift of farm animal knowledge when they cannot spend time on the farm. 

Wendy Swift DVM

"Behind the Barn Door" is an interactive, interesting book to help teach children about farm animals. So many of us are so removed from where our food comes from, and why farming is SO vital to our future. This book-through a series of questions and fun illustrations-helps teach kids about different types of animals which provide food for us, and how to take care of them. Emphasizing what animals need, and their varied personalities, makes this a fantastic educational tool for kids both in the suburbs and cities alike. I hope it will inspire a few future farmers, as well!

Valerie K Prettyman, DVM, MPH

Entertaining, informative, and imaginative. 

“Cleverly written, Pollinating Your Toolbox grabs the reader’s interest and then weaves an educational tale by following the activities of Marcy and Greg as they discover the secret of pollinating their toolboxes. This is a must-read book for children to help them understand their own goals and the value of getting an education. I highly recommend it.” 

Edward Lamie, Professor Emeritus California State University, Stanislaus 

A fun, engaging, interactive, and stimulating read. 

“… another thought-provoking book that allows young readers to interact with scientific facts and life questions through her characters, Marcy and Greg, as their curiosity is “pollinated” by Mr. Opal’s careful guidance—just as fruit-bearing trees are pollinated by bees. Jane Sheffer cleverly engages readers and audiences of all ages as Greg and Marcy learn what it is to actually grow ideas, make a plan, and complete a project out of wood. Well done!” 

Linda Emerson, M.A.Ed., Second Grade Teacher Silver Lake Elementary School, Traverse City, Michigan